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szaboinc Price: $ 315

Designed by law enforcement for law enforcement, the Felony stops answers the demand of a dual purpose edged weapon. A weapon first, the Felony Stop is designed to become part of the user s hand when deployed. It s ergonomic properties make the Felony Stop almost impossible to disarm when held with a full grip. When the user puts his/her thumb on the serrated ramp the knife becomes an extension of the fist, dramatically improving power. The Felony Stop is user friendly, in essence the practical design allows the performance of many utilitarian tasks: cutting a seat belt or processing evidence.

The creation of the Felony Stop stems from the principle that a bigger and stronger opponent will always strike when you least expect it and when you are at a disadvantage. A seasoned felon knows to deprive an officer of his/her sidearm and means of communication in order to avoid custody. Since the creation of the three stage holsters, it has become harder for a suspect to get a hold of an officer s weapon. In most encounters the suspect will focus on the officer s handgun and is going to use both hands to rip the weapon of its holster. If the suspect overpowers you, it is a matter of seconds before the inevitable. It is just enough time to draw the Felony Stop and put it into play.

We avoided the use of aggressive lines in the design, making the Felony Stop “politically correct” and acceptable by most agencies. Not being offensive to the public, the felony Stop can pass as a utility knife. Compact , the Felony Stop utilizes as much space as a folding knife. Tucked between the duty belt and the body the Felony Stop is almost invisible, stronger and quicker to deploy than any folder out there. The Felony Stop comes with handle slabs or skeletonized. The skeletonized version being at home inside a motorman s boot or under the vest.

The Felony Stop comes fitted in a survivalsheath.com kydex sheath for inside the waist band or neck carry. The Felony Stop is 100% handmade in the USA by Robert Newton.

  • Overall length: 7″
  • Blade length: 3.5″
  • Base model 5160 steel, black micarta handles, Skeletonized version $250.00