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Szabo Hawk Fighter

szaboinc Price: $ 280

First you have to answer the question: “why a hawk?”

A well balanced hawk, with the proper attributes, can be more devastating than a knife, covering long and short ranges.
Now, a fighting hawk has to be light and fast to recover from a stroke but strong enough to withstand metal to metal impact.
A good hawk is user friendly and if used well is a great tool against bayonets or other long weapons.
In extreme close range, a good hawk can be used almost as efficiently as a combat knife.

Why no spike at the other side of the main blade?

In hand to hand confrontations, if your are fighting to retain your hawk, that spike can be turned against you and could be very well end up in your throat or eye socket, in tight spaces the same spike can end up slashing your chest if you swing too close.
Lets face it, the spike looks very cool and I am sure we can find a use for it to justify its existence, but it is not worth the cons, There is nothing a spike can do that a good well profiled head can’t. But one thing for sure, a spike cannot cut wood or rope.

Why a wooden handle versus a full metal hawk?

A full metal hawk is super strong, but if ever it breaks, that’s it, no more hawk. On the other hand, the wood shaft can be replaced by any piece of wood or metal rod. A hawk with a wood shaft can also be taken apart, and each element can be used separately for different purposes:
The head makes a great knife or even kerambit and the shaft has the right size for a close quarters fighting stick. When taken apart, the hawk with the wooden shaft is concealable and easy to pack.
A wooden shaft also absorbs impacts a lot better than steel.

Now for the description of our hawk.

The blade shape is angled for better penetration but can still be used for chopping.
The back of the head has a small triangle spike to break vehicle windows, indoor walls or different construction materials.
(great to build a sniper hide).
The small spike is not long or sharp enough to be dangerous if turned against the user.
Our hawk head is also light enough to allow a quick recovery of the weapon after a swing.
The hawk is coated with your choice of duracoat color for a long lasting protection against the elements and for camouflage.
Our hawk comes with a custom leather blade cover and is ready for deployment.
Custom kydex or leather sheaths are available upon request.
It is also at least $100.00 less than any other custom hawks half the quality.

100% handmade in the USA by Robert Lindsey and customized at our shop.