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Combat machine

szaboinc Price: $ 20
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Three level of hardness to burn your forearms to a delicious crisp.

#1: Mild yellow
Start by squeezing the yellow ball until you feel a light muscle warmth in your wrist and forearm, make sure you rotate the ball around to isolate each finger.

#2: Hot black
Once you are warmed up with the mild yellow, go directly to the extra hard black and squeeze it as hard as you can, rotating it around, until your forearm is burning and weakening, drop it and grab the Medium red…

#3: Medium red
Once your grip is failing after squeezing the extra hard black ball, grab the medium red ball and repeat #2 step until failure.

#4: Mild yellow
Once your arm continues to weaken from the cruel and unusual punishment you put it through, repeat step two for the last time with the Mild yellow ball.

This is a training method known as the “pyramid” which maximizes your strength. Take at least two days rest in between sessions, and please, don’t forget to stretch your forearms while they are still warm AFTER every training session. keep the training set in the bags and out of the light when not in use. The death grip set in entirely made in the USA with American biodegradable materials.


szaboinc Price: $ 27.00/$ 50.00
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The perfect Kali stick, same dimensions as a regular ratan Kali stick but made out of our indestructible synthetic material.
Our Kali sticks feel and sound like Kamagong iron wood but will destroy bricks, shovel handles, even cement blocks and other sticks without bearing the marks.
The perfect gap between our 1″ diameter and our 3/4″ sticks.
100% made in the USA.

Dimensions: 28″ long, 7/8″ diameter.

  • $50.00 for the pair,
  • $27.00 for a single stick

Master at Arms James Keating

szaboinc Price: $ 25
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New from Master at Arms James Keating, this book is a fresh outlook on Serpent Boxing Kung Fu.

Master at Arms James Keating’ s new approach on Kung Fu, makes the art accessible to any one. Mr. Keating does away with the mystic always associated with ancient martial arts and transforms the system into an effective combat system.

This book is extremely well written and easily understandable. A must for any martial artist.

Every copy is personally signed by Master at Arms James Keating.


szaboinc Price: $ 225
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The Wedge of Doom has to be the most indestructible item we carry. (Then again, we claim this about many of our products) But in this case, it’s just physics: at 6″ long, and 1″ in diameter, and 10oz of 6AL4V titanium, the Wedge of Doom cannot break.

Here is the simple concept behind the Wedge of Doom; an instrument capable of withstanding any abuse, that can get you out of sticky situations. The Wedge is not a pry bar, even though it could be used as such, it is designed as an impact tool, a window breaker, a koppo stick / kubotan.

The Wedge of Doom is designed to be hammered between two doors, or two structures of any kind, to create a gap large enough for two hands to fit, or to insert a larger tool. The point is designed to resist any abuse; any thinner, and it could fail…

Imagine being stuck in a modern elevator, the Wedge of Doom would be the ticket out. Breaking a thick truck window, no problem; the weight, and the edge geometry of the blade make the task effortless.

Tearing holes in a metal can or a wood door is no problem either. As a self defense tool, the Wedge of Doom lets you chose between pain compliance or deadly force in just the flick of the hand.

100% made in the USA


szaboinc Price: $ 55
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The most extreme exercise implement for the knife and stick fighter, (Or for any other activity that requires a strong grip).

There is no limit to the intensity of the exercise program someone can create. The Handles of Pain are made out of the same stuff our fighting sticks are made of. Contrary to climbing holds, the Handles of Pain are slick and non porous, making training a challenge, and more realistic.

Weather you can do a chin-up or not, the Handles of Pain are well suited for beginners as well as professional athletes.

This is how they work, it’s very simple; Attach the Handles of Pain to a pull-up bar or to any other weight bearing structure. Grab a hold of them, and just hang there, feet on the ground. Adjust the load by putting more or less pressure on the ground with your feet.

As you get stronger, use your feet less and less. Soon, you will be able to just hang there, unsupported. The pain comes when you just hang there, feet off the ground, until your forearms burn so bad you have to let go.

Time yourself, you will be amazed how quickly you get stronger, and how much longer each time you can hang there.

Pretty soon, you will be able to do pull-ups with the Handles of Pain. Another way to use the Handles of Pain is to do curls or triceps pull downs, they will fit any pulley machine in a gym.

As for any strength training, do not over do it, twice a week is more than enough. More, and the exercises become counter productive.

Know your limits, do not let the Handles of Pain slip out of your hands, and injure yourself by falling.

It sounds”cliche”, but always consult a physician before starting any exercise program, and always stretch the muscle trained, while it’s still warm after the exercise, or you will get tendonitis.

Expect to be sore the first time you use the Handles of Pain…
The handles of Pain are 100% made in the USA.
Carabiners not supplied.

Price $55.00 for the set.

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