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When a law enforcement officer makes an arrest and handcuffs a suspect, it is mandatory procedure to empty the suspect s pockets before transport in the back of the patrol car or the wagon. This procedure is valid in all jurisdiction for safety and to avoid the introduction of contraband or weapons in a secured area. Most of the time, when a law enforcement officer makes an arrest and seizes property or evidence, he or she places the items on the hood of the patrol car before securing the prisoner. If there is any wind, if the items are small or numerous, they will often end up on the ground . In this case, the officer has to bend over and retrieve the fallen objects while maintaining contact with the arrestee. This itself creates a safety issue. The officer has to maintain contact with the prisoner at all time especially if the arrestee is combative or is an escape risk. If the officer loses evidence, regardless of the circumstances, he is in trouble. Most likely, if the prisoner becomes combative, the evidence on the hood will be scattered around and possibly lost. In the case of glass items, like vials or narcotics pipes, the evidence might get broken. If paper money is involved, it flies away. Bottom line, it is obvious that the circumstances leading to the loss of property or evidence are enumerable and the consequences can be detrimental to the chances of a successful prosecution against the suspect. What was needed was a device convenient to use by the police officer and that can be used to secure property and evidence while allowing the officer to maintain control of the prisoner. The 10-15 evidence/property bag allows the officer to hold the prisoner with one hand while with the other hand, he or she can open the pouch and pull out the inner bag attached to the duty belt. After opening the pouch, the officer then pulls on the red tab and deploys the inner bag. The officer can stuff evidence or property in the bag with one hand and secure its content by pulling on the cord. if the prisoner becomes combative, the evidence is secured. After the prisoner is secure, the officer can return to his patrol car and safely itemize each item from the 10-15 bag . Once done, the officer can simply stuff the empty bag back in the pouch leaving the tab accessible. The 10-15 evidence/property bag is washable and you can flip it inside out to make sure nothing is left inside. The 10-15 bag is big enough to carry wallets, weapons and other items associated with street level crime but small enough to be inconspicuous when folded back in its pouch and on the duty belt. The 10-15 evidence/property bag was designed in the USA by law enforcement, for law enforcement and is entirely made in the USA with USA made materials. The 10-15 evidence/ property bag is patented.
size: pouch: 3.5 ” x 3.5″
bag: 10″ x 7.5″