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Hi, my name is Laci Szabo, I have over 25 years of experience in the field, I have been an instructor for the Army, the Police, DOD, DOE and many private citizens. I have shared what I have learned with domestic and foreign agencies. (only with the good guys, friends of the USA)

I had the privilege to train with many great warriors: chronologically: Master Shinen, Marine Corps Line training instructors,  Master at Arms James Keating, Russell Watson, Sifu Dwight Woods, Guru Dan Inosanto, Kelly McCann, Sifu Francis Fong, Charles Nelson, Conan and Robert Silvera, and many other very talented and gifted martial artists.

Throughout my years of experience, I have come to realize certain tactics simply do not work. A lot of systems are developed with liability in mind, eliminating technics that actually work because they are dangerous. This is why I have created a system that incorporates all weapons. This system is fun, easy to learn, easy to practice and easy on the body. 

My rate starts $75.00 per online class (Zoom or Google) no matter how many people attend, and goes down to $50.00 per class after 10 sessions.

There is no contract and no commitment needed.

If you are interested, just give me a call @ 386-338-1189, and we will set it up.


I have added my resume below, to give an idea of my professional experience. 




11/13/2019 to Present

Police Officer at the Espanola Police Department


05/29/2018 to 11/13/2019

DOE Protective Force Instructor for Centerra,

Basic Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Advanced Weapons Systems Instructor, Intermediate Force Instructor.


12/13/2011 to 05/28/2018- Detective Santa Fe Police Department (New Mexico)

Patrol, Street Crimes Detective, Property Crimes Detective, Narcotics Detective, SWAT Operator, VIP protection for Speaker of The United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Former Speaker of The United States House of Representatives John Boehner, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Former Vice President Joe Biden, President George Bush Senior and First Lady Barbara Bush

 10/18/2017 to 10/28/2018

Security contractor for Asymmetric Solutions, VIP Protection Tijuana Mexico


 05/12/2012 to 05/28/2018

DOD contractor for F3EA, Language based training for SEAL Teams and Third Special Forces Group.


09/2010 to 08/01/2011-Police Officer Oak Hill Police Department (Florida)

Patrol and Narcotics


2004 to 2009 – Daytona Beach Police Department.

Served as a patrolman in high crime/narcotics zones, detective for the Narcotics Task Force, SWAT, Crime Suppression Team.

Duties included serving on details holding positions providing security for multiple U.S. officials (VP Cheney, Senator McCain, Senator Obama).

Completed numerous high risk undercover investigations (narcotics and other).

Route Planning, Mission Briefing and Task Organization.

Designated Marksman for multiple security assignments.

Perimeter security, breeching, entry.

Case agent on multiple assignments.

On call translator (French, Spanish, Hungarian).

Protective security details for Senator Obama, Senator McCain, Vice President Cheney.


 1994 to Present – Vice-President of Szabo, Inc.

Duties include the development and teaching of new weapons tactics, traveling to foreign countries, and teaching edged weapons/small arms tactics to foreign Police and Military (NATO, Israel, Hungary).

I also serve as an interpreter when training foreign Military personnel.

Provided security and translation to corporate executives traveling abroad (Japan, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Oman, Morocco, Fiji).


Police/SWAT Schools and Training:

Basic Law Enforcement Course Daytona Beach Florida

Taser M26, X26, X2 instructor since 2011

Daytona Beach Police Less-Than-Lethal Weapons Qualifications, 2004-2009

Basic SWAT school Florida

Basic SWAT school New Mexico

Advanced SWAT school

Explosive breaching

MACTAC instructor

SWAT drone pilot

DOD approved advanced sniper/counter sniper GPS Defense 2009

Basic police sniper/observer Center Mass, Inc. 2008

Rappel Master 2007

Homeland Security Drug Enforcement

High risk warrants

Tactical Narcotics

Hostage rescue

International Gangs/drugs course

Cell phone tracking investigations

M26 & X26 Taser Qualification 2006, 2009

Daytona Beach Police Domestic Violence Training Course 2004, 2009

Daytona Beach Police OC/Pepper Spray Certification, 2004-2009

Daytona Beach Police Emergency Vehicle Operators Course, 2004

First Responder, Oct. 2004


2002 to 2004 - US Army Infantry.

1st of the 124th Infantry. SAW gunner (expert)

Highest rank held E3

Army achievement Medal 3rd award, National Defense 2nd award, Armed Forces Reserve medal,

Army service ribbon.

I also served as the Combatives instructor for the 124th and other deploying units at Ft Stewart


2002 Florida combat handgun champion (Army) Third place WW cup. French\linguist (level3)

1997 to 2002 - Bullseye Corporate Security. Contracted corporate

security Provided VIP protection in Miami Provided in-flight security for

international funds transfer


 1992 to 1993

USMC Infantry, Parris Island Honor graduate, Camp Lejeune school of Infantry.

 1987 to 1988 –

Audio visual support, French Army (Armee De Terre) Duties included interpretation of audio/visual media


1994, Audio visual Certificate, NYU where I was a member of the NYU Watch team.

1985, High School Diploma, Lycee Carnot (Paris, France)



French native speaker, read and write.

Street level Spanish, read and write,

Hungarian, basic.


Medical Training:

 Frequent medical classes and updates for the Daytona Beach Police Department. 2004-2009

First Responder, October 2004

United Sates Army, 2002-2004

Dive Medic – First Aid, July 1991

French Army, 1988-1989

SWAT basic trauma care

TCCC instructor


Firearms Training:

Type 2 SWAT training Santa Fe NM

Pistol and rifle proficiency training conducted during regular training and qualifications


DOD approved sniper/counter sniper-advanced course (GPS Defense) November 2009

Basic Police Sniper/counter sniper Course, September (Center Mass, Inc.) October 2008

SWAT School, Daytona Beach Police Department, March 2007

Combat Shooting Course, Daytona Beach Police Department, August 2006

Active Shooter course, Daytona Beach Police Department, 2005

Dillon instructor

Mark 246 instructor

240B instructor

Milkor 40 mm grenade launcher instructor

Glock 17 instructor

M4 service rifle instructor


Defensive Driving Training:

 Daytona Beach Police Emergency Vehicle operator course 2004 to 2009

Circuit Racing Course (European Performance Vehicle Course), 2007

Experience with foreign and domestic manual transmission vehicles, driving in foreign countries


 Flight training:

 2000, Commercial Pilot License, Silver Express Flight School

 Airplane single engine land and sea, airplane multiengine land instrument airplane

750+ hours, 200+ multiengine, First class physical available.


Other Information:

 U.S. Citizen with a current Passport; French passport holder also.

All vaccinations and immunizations are up to date.

Concealed weapons permit (Florida)

Bowie knife instructor under James Keating

Skydiving B license holder

Adapted Combatives instructor

Dive Master + cavern

Explosive breaching certified


References, proof of certifications, and lists of military awards and operations available upon