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COMBAT-READY Edged Instruments, Knives and Equipment

Shipping Update

Orders placed after December 15, 2022 will be shipped on Jan 3, 2023.

Welcome to Laci Szabo Designs

Some of our knives will be made of the latest high-tech materials; others will be hand forged and differentially heat treated. Every knife maker that we contract has a specialty. This flexibility in manufacturing is a guarantee of choice and quality. Different tools for different jobs. you will be the judge.

Every item on this site, except for Fred Perrin knives are made entirely in the USA. Steel and handle materials may be changed upon request. Instructional videos are suggested with each knife. You can call us for information on all available videos; also you’ll receive a $10 discount on any tape with the purchase of any knife.

Laci Szabo is available for seminars & private classes. Hand to Hand, Stick Fighting, and Knife Fighting. Call for more information! 386.338.1189

Knife defense seminars available at cost for all U.S. Government Agencies!

Police and active duty military 10% discount.