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obviously lighter and much faster than the 1″ stick, the 3/4″ stick is as strong as the 1″ stick with just a little more flex.
perfect for lightning fast combinations, smaller persons, kids, women or dangerous individuals who know what they are doing !

fighting sticks (flat ends) $40.00 a pair.
single $25.00


Client Comments:

When I first unpackaged the 3/4″ fighting sticks, the first thing I thought was how harmless they looked. I think it is an innate human perception to think that long, thick sticks are more dangerous than shorter, thinner ones. But after playing with them throughout the morning with a training partner, we realized we had to be extremely careful! Even short range, low power strikes inflected great pain, and moderate speed hits caused bruising (do not try this at home!). Full speed strikes would unquestionably shatter bone. Light and thin, these sticks move with incredible speed, and the smaller impact surface delivers force far more efficiently and with greater effectiveness than a thicker stick ever could. In fact, no wooden stick could ever be made to this thickness without compromising its strength, which gives these fighting sticks an immediate advantage over any stick made from natural materials. These is no doubt that these are the most dangerous fighting sticks I own, capable of shattering any wooden stick without flinching and surviving any amount of abuse and environmental exposure without cracking or warping. I would recommend these sticks to anyone who wants to ratchet up their training several notches or who simply wants an incredibly effective home defense tool that will outlive them by a large margin.